Yosemite Photo Diary

Yosemite Photo Diary

This last spring I got the opportunity to go to Yosemite for the first time and I was mesmerized everywhere I looked.

Because it was my first time in the valley, I wanted to check out some of the tourist spots while we were there. If ya didn’t know (which I’m sure you do) some of the biggest and best things to see in Yosemite are El Captain, Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite Falls, Cathedral Peak.. just to name a few. All you really have to do is pick a direction and go.

Of course Shadow (our pit bull puppy) came along for the adventure. My only complaint is that dogs are not allowed on any trails there, in any national park which was a huge bummer. It inspired me to write a whole post on that, which will be inserted here when it’s finished.

But nevertheless, we always find isolated spots where all three of us can enjoy.

I wanted to make a post with my favorite moments from Yosemite, so here they are!


My first moments looking at Tunnel View.

We got to the campground and got our home for the next three nights all set up. Then we all felt so eager to go on a hike. I quickly pulled out the map from my pocket and picked the trail that was the closest. After hiking for 45 minutes, we turned the corner to this.

And this!

Michael got the fire started when it was raining. There isn’t a better feeling than being around a warm fire with you one you love.

Poll: Do you prefer your marshmallows burnt black or crispy brown?

(Enter your answer in the comments below.)

Up early (again) for a day full of exploring!

Waterfall time…. (my favorite part)

I felt like I might have been in the movie ‘Willow’ once I saw this little stream..

And there ya have it…

Yosemite, I love you.

Thank you for having us.

& thank YOU for reading!

Now go do some adventuring of your own 🙂


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