Buffalo, Bears, and Wolves | Yellowstone National Park

Buffalo, Bears, and Wolves | Yellowstone National Park

Hello everyone! After months of not being consistent on my blog, I am back with lots of new ideas and content. I recently took a four day trip with my family to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and had to share my experience on here. Yellowstone is a place that is so true and unique, I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world that is like this place. I was here for four days and four nights, so I’ve broken down the trip into each of the days.

Keep in mind this was a family vacation so I didn’t go on any long hikes; these locations on my list are main attractions that everyone must see at least once!

Day 1

  • Arrive at camp

We stayed at Grant Village campground in a tent only loop and I never once heard a generator (thankfully). All of the sites were full every day that we were there but once morning hit everyone was out and about so the campground stayed quiet. Grant Village is right by the west thumb of Yellowstone lake and fairly central in the park.

  • Old Faithful Geyser

After arriving later than planned we only had time to head to one spot before it got too dark. Old Faithful was twenty minutes away so we went for it. When we got there it wasn’t too crowded but I learned the geyser erupts every 30-90 minutes and we still had some time to kill. The geyser kept teasing us until it finally blew and everyone looked impressed.

I captured the whole thing on my GoPro but my video is not cooperating with me at the moment. As soon as I gets figured out I will post the video of Old Faithful right here.


Day 2

  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

When I first heard of a grand canyon in Yellowstone I was immediately intrigued. It was at the top of our list of places to visit and it did not fall short of incredible. There were vast canyons that created a gorge, carrying the water from the Yellowstone river.

While everyone was busy getting their shot at Artist Point, I was capturing the beauty of the canyon on the other side.  I saw hues of orange and pink in the sand that you can hardly see in the photos.

  • Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley is well known for seeing wildlife and if you get up before sunrise you’ll be more likely to see the diverse population of species that call Yellowstone home. We saw herds and herds of buffalo and many elk- no wolves though. One thing that upset me more than once was when tourists would try to get closer and closer to the buffalo, like they’re immune to getting trampled. I have nothing but respect and admiration for buffalo and to me that entails giving them their own space and not pushing a boundary just for a ‘cool’ photo.

We were lucky enough to pass by a single buffalo, although he seemed to be in his last days he was right near the road. I asked him to take a picture and this is the snap I got.

Day 3

  • Grand Prismatic Spring

You’ve probably seen photos of colorful  and vibrant hot spring– that my friends is the Grand Prismatic Spring. The photos I’ve seen online were unbelievable, but the spring really is that color. Apparently when the sun is out, the color gets even brighter than this.

  • Mammoth Hot Springs

This spot was way north in the park and took an hour to get to. I don’t know much about the science behind Mammoth but the main terrace looks like a bunch of little steps. And be prepared to walk up a lot of steps to get to the main terrace too!

Oh, and don’t mind the sweet sulfur smell either.

The Main Terrace

Day 4

  • Natural Bridge

One of my least expected, but favorite spots on my list! I hadn’t heard of the natural bridge before arriving in Yellowstone but I’m so happy we took the time to hike to it. It was a short two miles to the bridge and it’s a sight you can’t miss. As you can see from the photos below, the bridge is quite a ways up in the air and the structure is too sensitive to walk over. We did follow the hike up the side of the hill to get a view from behind. As if it couldn’t get any better the back had cute little stone steps leading through a small creek.

The view from below

The view from above

The only thing I didn’t get to see was wolves but either way I’m amazed at how their presence has positively impacted the whole Yellowstone area and I kept that in my mind while I was there. Sustainability is vital to every population on earth and amazing things happen when everything is in balance.

What was my favorite part?

My favorite part of this trip was definitely the ecology because everything was thriving and I was just a witness to it. If you wanna see wildlife – head to Wyoming. Seeing such beautiful places like Yellowstone remind me that I want to dedicate my life to protecting our wildlife and earth.

Thanks for reading!

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