What’s Up With Those Straws? | Plastic Protest #1

What’s Up With Those Straws? | Plastic Protest #1

For the next 10 weeks every Monday,  I will be doing a special post about a plastic alternative that’s relatively easy to switch to. I named this series, ‘Plastic Protest’ because I want to encourage others to switch to a sustainable alternative, one that’s better for ourselves and the planet. I will begin with everyday items since those are the most relevant to our lives.

This week is…. straws!

Many kitchen utensils are often overlooked of their wastefulness. How many birthday parties have you been to that were passing out plastic forks and paper plates? I’m not saying mom’s should be criticized for choosing a ‘quick’ option, rather us individuals should be responsible for bringing our own, permanent utensils and plates.

This concept isn’t new, in Lakota culture when one would go to an event, it was expected that you would bring your own “wateca” bucket. Back then it was silverware made from buffalo horn and wooden bowls. This is something that is very relevant today, as we see plastic almost everywhere. Let’s use this sustainable concept of the
“wateca” bucket in the 21st century.

Why Straws?

According to the National Park Service, us Americans use 500 MILLION STRAWS A DAY. That’s more than the number of people who live in the United States. It’s our responsibility as consumers to make changes big or small, that will create a better future for our children.

I realize now that it took me too long to finally ditch the ‘quick’ straws, but I found the perfect alternative on Amazon – stainless steel straws. I couldn’t find the exact ones I got, but these actually look a lot better. It comes with a pack of 6 (4 bent, 1 wide, and 1 long), I mean what other types of straws would you even need? The straws a listed at a good price, which makes switching over to them full-time even easier.

I don’t want sustainability to look like this intimidating, judgmental thing because it’s not. It’s actually very rewarding.

Challenge yourself to replace &/or eliminate one wasteful item this week!

Stay tuned for next week’s plastic protest, to replace yet another item to a more sustainable alternative.

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  1. Karlee
    February 7, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Exactly 🙂 I always have one in my purse just in case. Glad u enjoyed 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    February 7, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    Very good idea! The stainless steel ones are inexpensive and small enough to just throw in your purse or bag.

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