Vote With Your Dollar $$$

Politics has made me frustrated and exhausted over the past year. I struggle with the candidates for pretty much every position on the new administration. It’s really easy to get discouraged and end up feeling hopeless when it comes to having your views heard. But you can always be heard in this country with your dollar.

Ever since I first heard of the term “vote with your dollar” it has really stuck with me. I had an even bigger question after hearing that– how do you know which companies are genuine and which are just putting on a front?

Of course anyone can do extensive research on the internet to find out but there must be a easier way for consumers to know. A couple months later, I was in a Global Heart Fair Trade in Sonoma when I came across the perfect little pocket book.

I have to hand it to Ellis Jones, this is exactly what I was looking for.

The Better World Shopping Guide has about every category you could think of from feminine care to outdoor gear.

They rate brands on 5 main factors-

  1. environmental sustainability

  2. human rights

  3. community involvement

  4. animal protection

  5. social justice

All amazing things that should be considered from the get-go.

Anyways, each brand is given a grade based on these five things. On the adjacent page is a Green Hero , a company that has exceeded expectations and a Corporate Villain , whom most of the time doesn’t care about anything but money in their pockets. It’s very fascinating and at the same time terrifying to learn about what big companies do. But in honesty, it events out with the small companies who are kicking butt. And either way, it’s your choice where you spend your money at.

This is a little book with BIG, valuable information.

I enjoy flipping through it daily and learning about where my dollar goes.

I now feel like I can truly vote with my dollar and fully support companies that are doing it right.

Hope you all consider reading this book, but either way remember to

vote with your dollar

and make mindful choices in life.

xo Karlee


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