The Difference Between Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

The Difference Between Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

“I want my actions to be good for our Earth and be a direct reflection of my values.”

When I walk down an aisle in any department store, all of the Eco-friendly products catch my eye, but I have learned that labels can lie too. I wonder if all of these products are really 100% recycled or if it’s just a marketing scam to make people like me feel okay about buying their products.

The truth is mass produced products cannot be sustainable in all aspects of its journey. Let’s take this 100% recycled product for example, maybe it is true that the materials are recycled, but the people who are making them are working for $.05 an hour. That my friend, is not sustainable. It happens all the time because it’s so easy for us to turn a blind eye after we assume a product is genuine.

Keep in mind five main categories when looking at whether a product is truly sustainable-

  1. environmental sustainability
  2. human rights
  3. community involvement
  4. animal protection
  5. social justice

I have a whole post on how to vote with your dollar that you can find here.

So, what do I do?

You may ask, Karlee how do I know if a product is truly good? And I would say that I don’t have an answer. But I do have a solution. If you can make it yourself, do it! That way you are fully aware of who made it, where it was made, how it was made. and what’s in it. You eliminate a lot of opened-ended questions that you may have had before.

That is where you go from sustainable to self-sufficient, by eliminating most of the process and unknowns. Being entirely self-sufficient is like having the ultimate sustainable lifestyle. It’s almost like disconnecting yourself from capitalism and society (in the material sense).

Sustainability is buying local, organic food but self-sufficiency is growing food in your backyard.

Sustainability is buying American-made products but self-sufficiency is sewing your own clothes.

You can see where I’m going with this.

My ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient with off-grid living. That means growing my own food, hunting my own meat, harnessing renewable energies, and much more. I will be the only one responsible for my lifestyle, which is part of the beauty of it. But most importantly, I want my actions to be good for our Earth and be a direct reflection of my values. I need my lifestyle to align with what’s in my heart and vise versa. My long-term plan incorporates all of these things and I want to set myself up (financially and mentally) to attain them easily.

I’m learning everyday what it means to be truly sustainable to me personally and take the steps needed to get to an entirely self-sufficient lifestyle.




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  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Awesome that you would like to make as many things as you can yourself and be as self-sufficient as possible.

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