The Biggest Tree in the World | Sequoia National Park

The Biggest Tree in the World | Sequoia National Park

As many of you may know I recently took a short trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, mostly because of the giant sequoia beings that live there. The parks were nothing short of amazing and the weather shined right on us. Sadly we only camped one night but I will definitely be going back there. 

On Sunday morning we packed the car and headed down south with all three of us in the car. Shadow was able to come on this trip, but to be honest national parks are not what I would call dog-friendly, but I’ll explain that later. It was going to be our first family camping trip so we actually prepared this time. And what I mean by prepared is making a complete list of meals and making sure we had everything for a week (we went other places too). The drive down was beautiful and we passed a huge lake right before the par entrance that would be worth stopping for. 

We also got to use our America the Beautiful national parks pass for the first time! The Merced River runs right through the valley and we were able to score a campsite with our own river access (score). I wish I would’ve taken a photo of our campsite but here is a photo of the drive leading up to it 🙂

After sleeping to the sound of the flowing river, we woke up, ate breakfast and headed off for the main attraction–General Sherman, aka the biggest tree in the world. The drive was straight up a mountain but once you’re at the top you enter the Giant Forest. Soon after you see it, the biggest tree in the world!

I was surprised that you’re able to see the top from where I was standing, but at the same time I couldn’t really tell how tall it was, but the trunk was huge!

General Sherman, or Big G

I am over the moon that I finally got to see this giant! It was one of those moments that felt so surreal because I never thought I would actually get Sequoia National Park. 

If you ever get the chance to make it here, I would say GO. Especially if you’re a tree-lover like me 🙂 And up next for me will be the tallest tree in the world. 

Happy Days! 


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