New Journey, New Website

New Journey, New Website

Many of you know that I had created a previous blog, KarleeKreates but as of recently I have decided to focus my energy on more important matters. That’s where this new site comes from– TheWorldIsBiggerThanMe. Even though I enjoyed making posts about my lifestyle and things I enjoy, I have recently been studying about climate change and been thinking about how I’m going to make my personal impact.

This new site is aimed for young people looking to learn about the Earth and climate change. I haven’t been able to find a centralized location where others can find resources about this topic. I hope to shine light on issues that truly do matter for our generation and the ones yet come. I don’t want to make all of you feel depressed though, so I will be doing several posts about what YOU can do!

Climate change is horrifying, but we don’t need to freak out. We need to come together with our communities and take action into our own hands. No more waiting for the government to pass new policies to back our ideas. The time to change is NOW!

I’m┬áhumbled to start this journey with all of you.

xo Karlee


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