How to Find the Best Trails Near You

How to Find the Best Trails Near You

One of my most asked questions is how do I find all these different places to hike all the time? So today I wanted to talk about how I find great trails to hike wherever I go. It might seem boring to have to research trails for hours just to find one that’s right for your adventure. I used to go through the same thing, googling for hours and searching Instagram for unique spots, but this took too much time for someone who just wants to get out there already (like me). I thought there must be an easier way to find a bunch of hiking trails and that’s when I went to the app store and stumbled upon the All Trails app. Now I want you to know this post is not sponsored in any way by All Trails, I just genuinely love this app and use it on a regular basis.

The details

You have to turn on your location settings and then it pulls up a lengthy list of trails near you. It gives you a short description and information about the length and elevation, which is always important to know. And for us dog-lovers, we get to sort through trails based on whether or not they are dog-friendly, which saves me a lot of time on Bring Fido.

All Trails


When you use the map tool you can see how far the trails are, which is really helpful for me when I don’t want to go too far. Sometimes I’m picky about where I want to go because sometimes I don’t wanna be around people, others I just want some great scenery. I can easily tell which places have the best view by scrolling through the photos, and then I usually pick the one that looks most beautiful that I haven’t been to. I then favorite <3 the trail and it’s saved to my favorites list. This allows me to look up any place I might be going in the future (like Yosemite) and pick out trails that I want to hike, and I can just save them for later.

I am happy that I found a tool to help me find incredible spots anywhere I go. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing how many trails are near you that you never knew about it. If you want to see some of the places I’ve found through All Trails, just check out my Washoe Valley Hiking Guide, I found all of them on there.

I’m planning on doing a in-depth guide of adventure spots in the future, so look out for that. Let me know how you find great trails in the comments below.

Happy hiking loves!


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