Hello world!

My name is Karleen,  but you can call me Karlee 🙂 I guess you could say I’m a newbie to the blogging world, but I’ve never been so motivated to start this new journey now. Everyone knows about me’s are always difficult to write. There’s so much I want to convey about myself, as well as all of the things I’m passionate about.  But I’ll give you a short and sweet summary of how I’ve gotten here so far.

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived there until I decided to move across the country to Bay Area when I was 15. Fortunately, my dad lived there and it was just a matter of switching parental houses. Being in a whole new town, state, and part of the country was something I had never experienced much of before. I never realized how many things differed in other parts of the country. It seemed like the Bay Area was full of down to earth and environmentally-aware people. Truthfully, I didn’t even know what a compost was until after I moved to the west coast. Seriously!

The west coast had so much to offer me than I realized– a whole new perspective.  And not only was I in the Bay Area, but I had landed in Sonoma county, an area that was especially conscious. In addition to the new town, I was going to a new school–Credo High. I can’t go too much into the school (because it’s amazing) but I will say that it was a place that taught valuable skills and inspired genuine growth. I learned a lot about myself, my peers, and what I wanted to personally contribute to the world.

During the same time, I was learning about painful truths happening in our world. 

Truths that myself, as an American consumer were contributing to. Things like fast fashion, factory farming, social inequality, and so much more heartbreaking issues occurring in our global society. I never knew that so much was happening behind the curtain; so much greed and little compassion.

It was easy to feel like I couldn’t make any big differences, but you’ve got to trust your gut and go for it. That’s where this blog comes in!!! I want to educate, inspire, and encourage others to live a conscious lifestyle. Whether it’s a small change or a lifestyle shift, these things have a ripple effect! I tell you, you tell your friend, she tells her mom, and this information finds itself into the lives of more and more people just like you and me. I want this blog to be a starting ground for even BIGGER change because it comes with big numbers & community is so POWERful.

So, will you join my hand and walk with me toward real change?