7 Places in Tahoe Perfect For a Day Trip

7 Places in Tahoe Perfect For a Day Trip

Tahoe is one of my favorite places in the world regardless of what season it is. There are countless things to do in the outdoors, so for a hiking geek like me it’s absolute paradise. I have been living near Tahoe now for almost a year and have accumulated a list of favorite little spots I like to go and wanted to share with all of you.

Here is a list of seven places in Tahoe that are worthwhile and perfect if you have a limited amount of time.

  1. Keva Beach

This is one of my most visited go-to spots when I go to south lake because it’s a huge beach that always has easy parking. It seems like not too many people know about it because there is never more than a couple people around. In the summer beautiful wildflowers grow right along the shore and on fourth of July you can see fireworks being shot off from all sides of the lake.

2. Monkey Rock

Just as the name sounds, there is actually a monkey carved out of rock. The monkey overlooks a gorgeous view of the lake and then you can decide to stop there or keep hiking. The trail goes on to meet up with the Tahoe flume trail that goes on for tens of miles.

This a spot that is gaining popularity, so don’t expect to be the only ones there. The first time Michael and I went we went right past it and ended up hiking an extra two miles uphill. When we went back down I finally asked someone and they pointed right behind me; apparently I missed the pink markers that showed the way.

Monkey rock is worthy of a trip, just look at that view!

3. Donner Lake

This one is the easiest spots to drive to depending if you want to hike or head to the beach. Get off I-80 for the Donner Lake exit and follow the signs to get below.

I would love to spend a whole day here! It’s a great alternative to Lake Tahoe on the busy days. And honestly I’m surprised that not more people go to.

Here is an iPhone photo of Donner Lake at one of the viewing points..

4. Glen Alpine Falls

In order to get to this little oasis you’ll have to go on a one lane road for about three miles. And I won’t lie, there are sketchy points along the way. So, these falls are only accessible in the warmer months between June and November.

I did a whole post about this place so if you want to see some of my photos I took there then click here.

5. Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is probably the most popular place on this list, but you can definitely find less crowded beaches nearby. This beach is famous for it’s huge boulders and incredible lake view. I would recommend going there at least once to see and experience it.

This photo was taken in October so there’s almost no one there. If it was July it would be packed with people.

6. Mount Rose Summit

Mount Rose has got to be one of my favorite mountains in the world because for the last year I have woken up to the sight of it. I have seen snowy peaks and vibrant cliff sides…and the summit is just shy of 9,000 feet!

Shadow’s first hike was on the peak of Mount Rose and she did amazing considering the elevation change.

I took this photo that day during our 6 mile hike to a waterfall!

7. Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake is nestled right next to Lake Tahoe on the south tip. If you’re headed to to Emerald Bay then I would recommend stopping at Fallen Leaf too, as they are less than 10 minutes from one another.

This lake is a lot bigger than it lets on because last weekend Michael and I went to a nearby peak and I got to see how it compares to Lake Tahoe. The photo I posted on Instagram today (6/26/17) is that same view of Fallen Leaf Lake.


So there are my favorite spots thus far! After a little more time of living here I will do another post on Tahoe about my favorite hikes. Once it’s published, you can click here to check it out!

If you have any recommendations of chill scenic spots in Tahoe let me know in the comments below.


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